O’Neill Injury Solicitors for Keighley and Skipton and Surrounding Area

We are a Specialist Personal Injury Legal Practice based between Keighley and Skipton in West Yorkshire. We cover all aspects of injury, disease and negligence claims and we are not linked to any insurance companies.

O’Neill Injury Solicitors works only for you, not the insurers so you are guaranteed you will get impartial, independent and professional advice from lawyers who are qualified to give it.

We know that you want to talk to a qualified lawyer- not a call centre operator. You are not buying a product. You want compensation for an injury that someone or some organisation has caused to you.

Solicitor home visits for Keighley and Skipton

As a local firm we are able and happy to make home visits, we are able to visit all local communities such as Haworth, Silsden, Addingham, Crosshills and Oakworth.

Personal Injury Solicitors for Keighley and Skipton

Personal Injury Solicitors for Keighley and Skipton

Claims that can be dealt with by O’Neill Injury Solicitors include the following types

  • Road Traffic accidents
  • Criminal Injury Claims
  • Injuries at Work
  • Slipping or  Tripping Accidents
  • Claims for Stress at Work
  • Disease Claims
  • Clinical negligence
  • Claims for Asbestos exposure
  • Accidents in rented property due to defects
  • Claims for exposure to Carbon Monoxide by faulty fires or heating appliances
  • Accidents or injuries caused by people employed others such as nightclub doormen

But accidents can happen anywhere- and examples of accidents we have dealt with successfully recently are

  • Slipping in a supermarket
  • Slipping in a shopping centre
  • Slipping on uncleared snow in a car park
  • Accident in a Children’s playground
  • Accident in a nightclub

Keighley and Skipton Solicitors offering local knowledge and specialist expertise.

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Top Tips to Avoid Valentine’s Day Food Poisoning

How To Have a Safe and Healthy Valentine’s Day Meal Out

Recent statistics from the US suggest that up to 65% of all food poisoning outbreaks can be traced back ultimately to food which has been prepared in a restaurant.

So this Valentine’s Night when having that special meal you may wish to take some basic precautions to avoid unnecessary food poisoning difficulties.

First tip is to check out the hygiene and safety certificates which (if there has been an inspection) will be normally proudly on display. Whilst not critical these are a good indicator that the restaurant owner takes food hygiene seriously and has it as a high priority.

Secondly- and linked to this- is to check that the glasses and cutlery (as well as the tablecloth) are clean and presentable. Again, even the best eating places can have lapses but these first impressions are critical.

Thirdly– and this is for those who have to check out dietary requirements strictly – such as those diagnosed as coeliac- do have a look at the mandatory list of allergens which should help you choose from the menu. Any restaurant which has not taken their responsibilities seriously in this regard should be treated with extreme caution.

(As a Firm of Solicitors who specialise in food poisoning claims – and Coeliac Claims in particular- we are constantly surprised (and disappointed) at how many restaurant owners see gluten intolerance as a fad and not a serious medical condition which requires careful dietary monitoring).

Fourthly, check the food is thoroughly cooked. There are of course recipes that are based on undercooking for flavour- such as steak etc- but any dish where this is not specified and is undercooked should be treated with suspicion

Fifthly, if you are taking home food in a doggy back make sure that you get it to the fridge within a couple of hours maximum. If you are unable to get it home and refrigerated in that time please leave the food at the restaurant.

Finally, if despite the precautions you may have taken above you may have suffered food poisoning and wish to bring a claim please do not hesitate to contact us on 01535958778 or 07821809843 for free no obligation confidential advice from a specialist firm of Food Poisoning Solicitors

Can Badly Cooked Rice Cause Food Poisoning?

Recent expert advice indicates that badly cooked rice can cause food poisoning – the tests found traces of arsenic – a substance lethal to humans potentially causing heart disease diabetes and cancer

The problem seems to emanate from the way the rice is grown- using pesticides and other chemicals which can be released in harmful doses on cooking- although a small amount of arsenic occurs naturally in rice anyway.

The safest way to cook the rice seems to be by adding a lot more water than most of us do currently. It appears that if you add five times the ratio of water to the rice and then wash off the excess water about half of the arsenic levels result

And an even safer way to prepare the rice is to leave the rice soaking overnight in cold water- which results in 80% of the toxins being removed.

Apart from domestic cooking this advice is something that restaurant owners need to take on board to ensure that the product offered to diners is as safe as possible


Half Leeds Private Care Homes below standard

The Care Home watchdog, the CQC, have only rated half of the private care homes in Leeds as ’Good’. The majority of the rest ‘require improvement’ with a minority rated as ‘inadequate’.

This was revealed by Leeds Councillor Peter Gruen a member of the Health Scrutiny Board in a letter to the Yorkshire Post on the 8th September.

Councillor Gruen reported that the Councils’ Adult Care Service had suspended placements to homes in the few cases where further action was needed.

As more and more of us will have to make the difficult and emotional choice to commit our loved ones to a care home. Being able to choose a care home that is within easy visiting distance can make a big difference to this difficult decision. This would be made easier if we could rely on local care homes  being ‘good’, or even ‘outstanding’. Sadly it seems that Leeds has a long way to go before that will be the case for the majority of people.

Councillor Gruen commented that ‘The reasons for such sluggish performance are also consistent – inferior leadership, insufficient care and quality and not sufficiently good relationships with residents.’

Councillor Gruen went on to note that all three council run homes achieved ‘good’ ratings and called on private providers to step up their commitment to leadership, supervision and resources and give Leeds residents the quality of care homes they need.