O’Neill Injury Solicitors for Keighley and Skipton and Surrounding Area

We are a Specialist Personal Injury Legal Practice based between Keighley and Skipton in West Yorkshire. We cover all aspects of injury, disease and negligence claims and we are not linked to any insurance companies.

O’Neill Injury Solicitors works only for you, not the insurers so you are guaranteed you will get impartial, independent and professional advice from lawyers who are qualified to give it.

We know that you want to talk to a qualified lawyer- not a call centre operator. You are not buying a product. You want compensation for an injury that someone or some organisation has caused to you.

Solicitor home visits for Keighley and Skipton

As a local firm we are able and happy to make home visits, we are able to visit all local communities such as Haworth, Silsden, Addingham, Crosshills and Oakworth.

Personal Injury Solicitors for Keighley and Skipton

Personal Injury Solicitors for Keighley and Skipton

Claims that can be dealt with by O’Neill Injury Solicitors include the following types

  • Road Traffic accidents
  • Criminal Injury Claims
  • Injuries at Work
  • Slipping or  Tripping Accidents
  • Claims for Stress at Work
  • Disease Claims
  • Clinical negligence
  • Claims for Asbestos exposure
  • Accidents in rented property due to defects
  • Claims for exposure to Carbon Monoxide by faulty fires or heating appliances
  • Accidents or injuries caused by people employed others such as nightclub doormen

But accidents can happen anywhere- and examples of accidents we have dealt with successfully recently are

  • Slipping in a supermarket
  • Slipping in a shopping centre
  • Slipping on uncleared snow in a car park
  • Accident in a Children’s playground
  • Accident in a nightclub

Keighley and Skipton Solicitors offering local knowledge and specialist expertise.

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Bradford Home Care System ‘On Brink of Collapse’ says Councillor

The Council services offering home support to the elderly and vulnerable are on the brink of collapse according to a Bradford Councillor, Jackie Whiteley

The claim came when a major firm decided to pull its services from Bradford district indicating the hourly rates paid by the Council were too low.

The Care provider Seva Care told Bradford Telegraph and Argus that the Council rates fell below national guidelines

This is the second care provider to leave the Bradford District after Hica Care withdrew last year.

The Council Deputy Leader Val Slater accused Mrs Whiteley of scaremongering and said that the new social care levy on council tax would raise a further £3 million for the district which would be used in full to raise the hourly carer rate.

Whatever the truth of the dispute the fact remains that if too few carers are offered to vulnerable groups the prospect of care being insufficient and negligent is high.

Further details can be found at /http://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/local/localbrad/14629040.Home_care_crisis_warning_sparks_political_fallout/

Food Poisoning on Dream Holiday Couple to Claim Compensation.

A couple who went on what they described as a dream holiday to Mexico suffered food poisoning and are bringing a claim for compensation.

The couple went on a Thomas Cook Holiday to Mexico in May to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

They claim they were served raw chicken from the hotel buffet and Mr Burke then alleges that he immediately fell ill with vomiting and diarrhoea. He then had an intensive period of stomach pains and flu like symptoms

He says as a result he lost nearly half a stone in weight.

Further details can be found at this address: .htmlhttp://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3678654/Couple-say-2-500-anniversary-Thomas-Cook-holiday-ruined-food-poisoning-served-RAW-chicken.html

Comment on This Case: This case demonstrates that poorly cooked food can have a devastating effect on health and in this case if the holiday was ruined the couple can claim for the cost of the holiday as well as the compensation for the personal injury to the digestive system Mr Burke sustained.

If you have any queries about bringing a claim for food poisoning please ring for confidential no obligation advice on 01535958778 or 07821809843 (out of hours)

Man Injured After being Hit by Bike Thieves

Man Who Tried to Stop Workplace Robbery Injured

A man who tried to stop his workmate’s bike from being stolen suffered serious injuries.

Craig Morrell was thrown in the air after being struck by the bonnet of a car accelerating away from the scene

The incident happened at Swanglen Metals in Castlefields Lane Crossflatts.

Mr Morrell suffered a badly damaged vertebrae and broken finger. The event was captured on CCTV

It seems that the thieves reversed into the premises with a view to putting the two bikes into their van

Mr Morrell’s attempts to stop them led to the van being driven at speed causing the injuries.

The Police as continuing their enquiries to find the thieves.

Note on this Case: If you are injured in a crime your are entitled to claim compensation under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme. If you need further information on this please do not hesitate to contact us on 01535958778 or 07821809843 (out of hours)