600 guests awarded up to £25,000 food poisoning compensation

A Dudley couple have won compensation from a holiday company after their son needed hospital treatment for food poisoning from a Turkish hotel.

David and Suzanne Knighton’s son Kieron, now 24 but 10 at the time, suffered salmonella and cryptosporidium food poisoning after eating at their Hotel in Sarigerme Turkey.

On returning home Kieron was hospitalised at Birmingham Childrens Hospital and later Russels Hall Hospital, Derby.

Kieron was not alone, his mother and brother suffered stomach cramps, and many other guests at the hotel were ill.

Guests spoke of dreadful conditions, under-cooked food, filthy plates, no hot water and even excrement in the swimming pool.

Travel agent First Choice has been ordered to pay up to £25,000 compensation to 600 guests at the Holiday Village Resort,

Settlement was made late February 2014. First Choice were unable to comment on the settlement.

Specialist Injury Claims Comment:

This case shows the vital importance of not delaying contacting a Solicitor to get legal advice when food poisoning has occurred.  This case took an enormous length of time to get resolved. Early advice on food poisoning claims from a Solicitor can not only ensure that vital evidence is preserved but will also ensure the the wrongdoers are forced to admit they are to blame earlier.