89% say yes to Cameras in Care Home

We recently carried out a small survey on Facebook, asking if cameras should be used in care homes.

The vast majority of people who responded to our question asking if cameras should be used in care homes were firmly in favour. However many see cameras as a necessary but unwelcome solution to an underlying problem which they see as poorly paid and unscreened staff

Security cameras are seen as an unwelcome but essential protection for care home residents.

Security cameras are seen as an unwelcome but essential protection for care home residents.

We had many thoughtful comments and these tended to demonstrate that cameras, while they may help in some situations are not the complete answer, that the situation is more complex and that recruiting, screening, training and adequately paying the right staff was probably the most important issue. Here’s a brief overview of the comments;

  • Don’t hire cheap labour, this was most frequent point made.
  • Pay better and recruit better staff.
  • Screen employees before employing.
  • Camera’s will make carers on edge, will stop the real carers caring.
  • Privatisation is part of the cause, quite a lot of hostility to the private sector running Care Homes.
  • Cameras can’t be everywhere e.g. toilets, or on all the time e.g. when getting dressed.
  • Cruel uncaring staff will still find ways to abuse out of view of the cameras.

We’re very grateful for everyone who took the time to comment and the responses have been very informative.

In a time when Council budgets are under such severe pressure it’s hard to see how the increased costs of high quality staff are going to be met, which makes it look like cameras are going to be an increasing presence in Care Homes up and down the country.

As such we urgently need a debate to ensure they are used in the most effective manner whilst still respecting the dignity and privacy of patients, and that the use of cameras doesn’t undermine the dedication and morale of the majority of staff, who are undoubtedly committed and caring.

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