Accident On Farm Prompts Calls for Review of Farm Safety Laws

A Quad Bike Accident involving a British Backpacker highlights the Ever Present Danger of  Accidents Working on A Farm

 The young backpacker  was left a quadraplegic after an accident on a Tasmanian farm.

She was paid paid $290,000 in compensation by her employer.

The backpacker Holly Raper suffered a catastrophic brain injury in the accident. The quad bike rolled over highlighting the danger always present of having an accident on a farm

The accident happened in 2011 and she was flown home to Lancashire in 2012 where there is unfortunately no realistic hope for recovery from the farm accident injury



The Tribunal that made the award for the farm accident also fined the employers for not enforcing farm safety rules by making sure that she wore a helmet whilst on the quad bike herding cows.

The accident has led to calls in Tasmania for more stringent health and safety rules to ensure farm accidents are less likely to happen.