Aviva Proposal for Injury Claims is Wrong -and Claimants will be Undercompensated

Aviva Insurance Group have recently made a proposal that injury claims are best dealt with by the insurance company of the person who has caused the injury.

The alleged benefit if this is that it cuts out what is described as red tape and means that the claim is dealt with more quickly and that people injured will therefore benefit by not involving Solicitors

This is a  proposal that is quite simply wrong as it suggests that the interests of the insurer and the the interests of the person injured are the same.

The reality is that their interests are very far apart. The insurer wants to get out of the claim as quickly and as cheaply as possible to ensure that their shareholders get a maximum return.

An injured person wants a proper and just compensation for their losses and often serious injuries.

Any Solicitor can give many examples of clients who have come to them asking for advice about offers that have been made by insurers who want to settle the claim before the injured person has received legal advice.

In one recent case a person was offered the sum of £2,000 before legal advice but after a Solicitor became involved and the case was dealt with properly the case settled at over £30,000.

The Aviva Insurance proposal is wrong for the simple reason that they cannot properly advise anyone whilst also being responsible for paying them out.

In personal injury claims it would be wise always to seek legal advice before settling. This is not Solicitors wanting to make work for themselves- it reflects the reality that you will always get more from an insurer when they know the person they are dealing with is legally represented.