Bradford Council Hit Out At ‘Rocketing’ Injury Claims

Bradford Council has hit out at the number of Personal injury Claims which they said had doubled in the past year.

The types of injury varied but they described recent ones as being typically tripping over a chair and being hit in the mouth by a hockey stick.

The Council and Teaching Unions complained that this was due to a compensation culture.

They said that because no claims had been paid out this year this this demonstrated that the claims were brought without reason and merit and at worse fraudulently.

They said that common sense had gone out of the window and that claims were brought too readily – rather like in the USA .

They also said that it meant that proper educational trips were being affected as teachers were not keen to take pupils where there was a risk.

The Council said that the Council did not have the money to pay for such claims and blamed the No Win No Fee arrangements which encouraged claims. It was taking money away from proper educational work as all claims needed to be investigated.

O’Neill Injury Solicitors Comment:

This is a very one sided view. When children are injured it is important that the circumstances are investigated so that the injuries are not repeated. Most parents are simply protective of their children- but not over protective. Most parents accept accidents that are part of growing up as being just that- but to say that all claims are brought without merit is an attempt by the Council to shift attention from what may be failings in their own school’s organisation or facilities.

Full details of the report in the Keighley News can be found here: