Bradford Care Home ‘Abject Squalor’

Eight staff from Highdell Nursing Home, Idle, including the owner, are on trial accused of leaving a patient in ‘abject squalor and filth’.

79 year old Edward Hinnells who has dementia, was in a room ‘not fit for human habitation’.

The eight care home staff are charged with the ‘systemic’ neglect of Mr Hinnells. The jury heard how they left him in unwashed soled clothing in a room full of urine and faeces, with dirty walls and no bedding.

The prosecutor acknowledged that Mr Hinnells could be ‘difficult to manage’ and at times could be abusive and even violent but said “however this could never justify the conditions of abject squalor and filth he was left in by the defendants… Mr Hinnells’ personal hygiene need were plainly neglected and he resided in a room… not fit for human habitation”.

Stephen Wood, the prosecutor, went on to say “This was systemic, deliberate neglect by those who were charged with the care of a vulnerable, elderly, and let us not forget, very ill man.”

Sadly tales like this seem so common and it is easy to form the notion that the whole care home system is in freefall, and to be extremely worried if the time comes when a loved one has to consider the option of going into a nursing home.

Find a good care home near you

However, whilst it’s true that care homes are under enormous financial pressure, and we, as solicitors who act for people who’ve suffered neglect or abuse in care homes, see a lot of very sad cases, there are many good care homes, and you should be able to find one not too far away from where you live.

A recent initiative from the Care Quality Commission(CQC) has made that a lot easier, with an interactive online map and directory of all care homes with their CQC rating.

You can read more about this in our blog ‘Is my loved one’s Care Home safe?’ or use the CQC map here.