Burton takeaway ‘creating risk of food poisoning’

Chookys takeaway in Horninglow Road, Burton was given just one out of five when it was inspected in February 2014 by East Staffordshire Borough Council.

Cross contamination was a serious risk from raw and cooked food being handled alternately by staff, with further risk being caused by them being stored in the same fridge.

There was no information on receipts for chickens purchased which should have shown the names and addresses of the suppliers.

The Council inspectors’ report said “This gives cause for concern, as any reputable company would provide a legitimate receipt that permits traceability back to them.

“In addition, poultry wholesalers must be suitably approved to operate by the relevant authorities. Premises operating without approval will be subject to prohibition procedures.”

Hand hygiene was not addressed sufficiently and hand basins were hard to access. One basin in the toilet was blocked and so couldn’t be used.

There was no adequate disinfectant or sanitiser and no evidence that staff had had any food hygiene training.

The council has sent the information to the Food Standards Agency .http://www.food.gov.uk/

Specialist Injury Claims Comment: 

This case shows all of the classic factors of a takeaway food poisoning- poor hygiene and lack of accountability for the food supply.

If you believe you have suffered food poisoning as a result of eating food from a takeaway that was off or substandard it is important that you get legal advice immediately. Of all personal injury claims acting quickly on a food poisoning personal injury claim is vital.

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