Care Home closures putting vulnerable elderly people at risk

National Living Wage and Council budgets force care home closures

The care home watchdogs, the CQC (Care Quality Commission) have warned that closures of care homes is putting vulnerable elderly people at risk. The CQC identified the closures as resulting from providers withdrawing from the market, as they can no longer make enough money due to the introduction of the national living wage and cash strapped councils having to cut costs.

7.6% drop in number of care home beds in UK

Care home beds have dropped from 255,289 in 2010 to 235,799 a drop of 19,490. This is at a time when we are seeing an unprecedented increase in demand, a demand that is set to increase for the foreseeable future. Over the same period of time 1 in 10 care homes have closed.

Care sector ‘as a whole’ is at risk

Andrea Sutcliffe, the CQC’s chief inspector of adult social care said “We know that the adult social care sector faces many financial pressures which, worryingly, could undermine the quality and safety of care that people receive and rely upon every day,” Sutcliffe went on to state that information from the care providers “does highlight a concern that the long-term sustainability of high-quality care within this sector could be at risk.”

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