Care Home director jailed for corporate manslaughter

Pathologist says “Mrs Atkin’s body was emaciated.”

Care Home Director Yousaf Khan was sentenced to three years and two months in prison at Nottingham Crown Court for corporate manslaughter at a care home.

This follows his prosecution following the death of Ivy Atkins in the Autumn Grange Care Home, owned by Mr Khan’s company Sherwood Rise Ltd.

Mrs Atkins, who was a dementia sufferer, died only 48 days after she moved into the home and in that time had lost one-and-a-half stone. At the time of her death Mrs Atkins weighed only 3st 12lbs, had a rotting bed sore and was lying in a urine soaked bed.

The Pathologist Professor Guy Rutty stated “[Mrs Atkins] had a dramatic decrease in body mass during the time from her admission to Autumn Grange to her death which had been a significant factor in her death.

“In my opinion, if she had gone out in the same medical condition as she had gone in, she would not have been expected to die as she did from the conditions she did on November 22.”

Inspector finds catalogue of concerns

Linda Hirst, the Care Quality Commission inspector working on this case, stated that there were “some really serious concerns” about the care home suggesting a “significant risk to patients”. She went on to list a great number of issues including fears around staffing, unexplained bruising, and concerns about the management of pressure sores and incontinence.

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