Care Home Neglect Manager Gets Her Job Back


The Care Home Manager who was severely criticised in the investigation into the deaths of five elderly residents in the Orchid Care Home in Copthorne West Sussex has returned to work in the Care Home sector


This despite the fact that serious managerial errors were identified in the running of the care home leading to avoidable deaths for care home residents.

 The Manager Mrs Sarah O’Mara was removed from her job following the investigation and her then employers Southern Cross Healthcare closed the Care Home.

The Care Home has now been taken over and renamed Francis Court and Mrs O’Mara has returned to her job in the Care Home where there was serious care home neglect whilst she was manager there.

The Coroner had previously ruled that Care home neglect and Care Home Abuse had caused the death of vulnerable residents.

Campaigners for greater awareness of Care Home Neglect and Abuse were severely critical of the appointment

Ian Christian, a Solicitor representing the seven abused resident’s families said that to appoint the same manager after such a comprehensive range of criticism of previous abuses whilst she was manager of the care home was shocking and shows the lax state of regulation in the Care Home Sector.

The present owners Care UK indicated that in the light of the criticism they will be reviewing the re appointment of Mrs OMara to the newly reopened care home