Care Home Owners Avoid Liability for Damages with New Law

A new law passed in Florida USA protects private equity firms and other investors from claims brought against care homes for care home negligence.

This astonishing measure explicitly targetsTampa lawyer James Wilkes, who has built a reputation successfully representing litigants in nursing home abuse cases.

The law was (predictably) backed by large Health Care organisations.

However some lawmakers objected to excluding any party from litigation in the case of injury caused by nursing home abuse and nursing home negligence. They objected to responsible parties being shielded from litigation

They accused the large corporate owners of seeking to keep costs low and profit margins high- leading to death and injury due to negligence and abuse.

They made strong representations that large corporations were making big money at the expense of care.

Specialist Personal Injury Claims comment:

This is an astonishing law which appears to allow big corporations to avoid liability for damages in cases of nursing home negligence and nursing home abuse. As most things come from the USA to the UK at some point it is to be hoped that Parliament is not so readily persuaded by the interests of big business.

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