Care Home Privatisations Cause Care Home Negligence Fear

Care Home Privatisations Causing Care Workers to Fear Negligence

 Care Workers who went public about Care UK a national firm offering care demonstrates the deep concerns about the standard of care being offered by Firms being given contracts to run services by hard pressed Councils.

From the experience of CareUKthe first people who are made to pay for the privatisation are the workers offering the care. They are being threatened with cuts to their wages and pensions and hours to make up the profit margin of 5% profit on revenue demanded by the private firm

The care workers concerned are mainly women and they are not well paid. But they offer vital services to the disabled people who they look after by clothing washing and feeding them. They are worried not only for their own jobs and conditions but also that they cannot provide the necessary degree of care that is required for their vulnerable clients

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As privatisation of care services progresses these sorts of conflicts are almost certainly going to increase. And the risk of care home negligence is likely to increase at the same rate.