CCTV Cameras In Care Homes To Prevent Negligence and Abuse

One of the leading providers of Care Homes in the UK, HC-One has decided to carry out a consultation on the possibility of bringing in CCTV in its homes to prevent further incidents of care home abuse.

Cynical commentators have pointed out that this plan has been revealed only days before a Panorama programme will reveal that secret filming by reporters had shown a shocking level of abuse. Programme details can be found here:

If this initiative goes ahead it will be the first time a Care Home Provider has done this.

The Consultation will involve staff, patients residents and their families

The Chairman of the HC-One Group, Dr Chai Patel said the radical decision had been made in response to the abuse discovered and the need to take immediate and decisive action.

The move is linked to the Care Quality Commission’s revelation that it intended to also have a consultation on the issue with a view to trying the prevent and root out abuse.

HC -One owns and operates over 200 care homes since it took over after the failure of the Southern Cross Group of care homes

Further details of this story and a chance to have a say on whether care homes should have CCTV cameras can be found at:

and to get involved in the debate go to:

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Specialist Injury Claims Comment:

Whilst it is welcome that such moves are being considered it is surely an admission of failure of training and staff supervision that this scheme is needed in the first place. It also raises significant problems in terms of patient confidentiality and dignity.