Charities Shocked by the Level of Dehydration Deaths of Elderly in Care and Nursing Homes


A recent investigation by the national newspaper the Daily Telegraph has warned that more than 1,000 care home residents have died of thirst in care and nursing homes in England and Wales in the past decade.


The investigation concludes that the primary reason for this shocking situation is that the Care and Nursing Home Staff are simply not trained well enough to understand how important enough water is to the vulnerable adults in their care.


The situation has got worse during the time the Coalition Government has been in control with more dying last year then the year the Coalition came to power.


A number of charities have called for reform and overhaul of the care system that can permit such things to happen. A shocked spokesman for the Alzheimer’s Society, Dr Alison Cook questioned whether a society could ever properly call itself civilised in light of such disclosures about care of the elderly and frail