Claiming for Briarwood Rest Home Scandal In Preston

Can I claim if my relative or friend has been affected by the Briarwood Rest Home Scandal In Preston?

If you are aware of a relative or friend who has been affected by the Briarwood Care Home scandal in Preston then there is good chance that they may be able to claim damages.

They may be able to claim for  the lack of care provided by former Briarwood staff as well as any specific incidents of violence.

At O’Neill Injury Solicitors we are experts in residential care and nursing home injury, abuse and neglect. We have extensive experience helping residents, and their friends and relatives, pursue justice and recompense in these difficult and distressing circumstances.

If you are worried you can contact us immedaitely for a free discussion. There’s absolutely no obligations and we will be happy advise you on what to do next. You can ring us on 01535 958 778 (office hours) or use our 24 hour emergency number 0782 180 9843. You can also email us or use the form opposite. Our advice is free and completely confidential. There’s no obligation to go forward with a claim or to use us as your solicitor if you decide to do make a claim.

What do I need to prove for a successful case?

A rest home like Briarwood needs to be able to show that the care that they offered was at least as good as  that provided by other similar residential homes. The management of Briarwood need to be able to demonstrate that their managing of staff was appropriate and that the system they implemented was fit for purpose in offering appropriate care at Briarwood.

From the nature of the press reports to date there are certainly serious questions about the care offered and the monitoring of staff. It is too early in the criminal investigation to be sure on these issues. However the facts are that three people have been arrested in relation the the standard of care offered at Briarwood and the Local Authority responsible – Lancashire County Council- has taken the unprecedented step of putting in their own Local Authority staff to run the home.

What do I need to do Next?

If you are concerned at the care that has been offered to a friend or relative at Briarwood you should not delay in contacting us for a free confidential no obligation discussion. We have extensive experience in assisting relatives and residents where there are problems in residential nursing and care homes and would advise you further on what to do next.

No Win No Fee means no legal costs for you

If we do decide to take on your case we can offer a No Win No Fee Agreement to do this so you should have no worries about legal costs. We will thoroughly explain this to you further as necessary.

Swift action can make all the difference

We appreciate that this care home scandal is causing worry and distress to both concerned relatives and residents. We can act quickly to ensure that all necessary evidence is obtained liaise with the relevant authorities and Police and progress any potential claim without delay.

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