Can You Trust the Care Quality Commission to Investigate Care Home Negligence or Abuse?

Can You Trust the Care Quality Commission to Investigate Care Home Negligence?

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is a National Watchdog which is meant to ensure the standard and quality of care and nursing homes.

Unfortunately the case of Barbara Cooke, a former Isle of Wight resident in a Care Home there suggests that the CQC cannot necessarily be relied on to investigate properly.

What Happened in this Case?

Barbara Cooke died last year whilst resident in an Isle of Wight Care Home  and the Coroner concluded that part of the reason for her death was neglect.

Unfortunately despite the Coroner’s comments it took nearly a year from the death of Mrs Cooks for the CQC to inspect the residential home whose neglect had been criticised by the Coroner.

When the CQC did inspect they found that many of the problems identified were still evident and the Care Home’s status was rated as ‘Inadequate’ in June 2015

Further details may be also detailed when the outcome of a Serious Case Review by the Adult Safeguarding Team is released at the end of this month.

What does This Case Tell us About Care Home Inspections?

This case hit the national newspapers at the time of the Coroner’s comments. The Independent and Daily Express as well as the Bureau of Investigative Journalism all provided graphic accounts of the comments of Mrs Cooke’s son Simon of the state that he had found his mother in whilst she was resident in the care home.

Simon Cooke gave a graphic account to the reporters of the distressed state his mother was in – she had faeces on her face and in his view was being inadequately cared for. She died a few days after his visit having infected pressure sores and septicaemia.

What Conclusions Can we Draw From this Case?

The one distressing lesson from this appalling story is that unfortunately if you are worried about the care being offered in a Nursing or Care Home simply asking the Care Quality Commission to investigate is not enough. Nor is it enough to get extensive press publicity for the inadequate care it is suspected is being provided.

The unfortunate conclusion from this case is if you have concerns about the care offered by a Nursing or Care Home that are not dealt with to your satisfaction by the Care or Nursing Home itself then you need the professional help of someone to assist you further

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