Fall In Nursing Home or Fall In a Care Home

Fall in Nursing Home or Fall in Care Home Claims

If you or your relative have been injured in a fall in a Nursing home or a fall in a Care home at O’Neill Injury Solicitors we will be able to advise you if you or they may have a claim.

Care Home Falls

Risks of Falling Need Proper Assessment

Claims of this sort require specialist advice due to the complex regulations that are involved.

The standard of care that should be offered by Nursing and Care Homes is guided by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence Guidelines which in 2004 set out guidelines for the prevention of falls for older people in a Care or Nursing Home setting.

These state that those caring should routinely check if the person has fallen or been injured in the previous year and if so be offered a risk assessment by a  properly trained person to assess the following critical factors

  • Any previous falls
  • Any gait, balance and mobility problems or muscle weakness
  • Visual or cognitive impairment
  • Possible hazards in the home concerned

From this information the staff should be fully advised of the risks of individuals and make sure these are kept to minimum.

If you or your relative have had a Fall in a Care Home or Fall in a Nursing Home that you think may have been due either to staff caring inadequately, lack of proper assessment of the risk or hazard that should not have been there at O’Neill Injury Solicitors we can offer specialist advice on this difficult and sensitive area of law.

We can offer No Win No Fee Agreements to investigate and bring the claim.

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