The Warning Signs of Abuse in a Care or Nursing Home

What are the signs of care home abuse or negligence?

There are many good homes and carers. But what if you’re worried that something is amiss?

The types of lack of care are very wide but the things to look out for are typically the following:

  • What are teh signs of care home abuse

    Don’t worry in silence, get confidential advice immediately you suspect things aren’t right

    Any bruises or cuts where the explanation does not sound correct or sounds suspicious.

  • Bedsores or pressure sores – these are often the first sign of care not being properly carried out or monitored.
  • Broken bones – obviously this will need prompt medical attention and intervention, but the full explanation for what has happened needs to be provided.
  • Ongoing and persistent infections – whilst these can be common in a residential nursing or care home suspicions should be raised if there is no good explanation provided as to why they are so persistent.
  • The patient or resident becomes fearful or withdrawn.
  • Staff not allowing the patient or resident to see visitors with unusual explanations as to why this may be.
  • Staff insisting on being present at all times when the patient or resident is visited- this can often be a sign that staff may be hiding abuse or negligent care.
  • The Care or Nursing Home seems unsanitary and dirty – given the need to keep infections at a minimum if the establishment seems consistently dirty then suspicions should automatically be raised.
  • Staff seeming rude or uncaring– this is often difficult to pin down precisely but any incidents noticed should raise concerns.
  • Neglecting a person’s cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Lack of treatment and supervision for incontinent conditions.
  • Failure to provide proper food and water, this can lead in some cases to severe dehydration.
  • Drinking water left out of reach
  • Failure to properly supervise any medication required by residents.
  • Allowing residents to wander out of the home when they are not capable of looking after themselves.

 I’m worried, what should I do next?

We’ve put together a guide on what to do if your’e worried care home abuse or negligence is taking place, please take a look.

Contact a specialist solicitor as quickly as possible.

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