Why Is Nursing Homes Abuse Increasing?

Why Is Nursing Homes Abuse Increasing?

When loved ones go to stay in residential institutions we rightly expect that the trust we put in those who are caring for them is not misplaced.

However there are an increasing number of Nursing homes in the UK and the number of Nursing Home Abuse claims has also increased. But this is not simply down to the increase in nursing homes. The causes of the rise in Nursing home abuse and neglect are complex and varied but many of them come down to one simple factor; money. The amount of money available to pay for staff and training has simply not kept pace with the growing demand.

Some recent studies have indicated that as many  as 30% of long term residents may have been subject to such care home negligence or abuse. This is a shocking figure and as much more residential and nursing care will be required for the population in the next 20 years particularly it is vital that the problem of care home negligence is tackled now.

As a result of the severe financial restraints a large proportion of claims are due to a lack of qualified and experienced staff. The fact is that most of non NHS institutions are private concerns whose primary function to make a profit. There is nothing wrong with this, but when the fees paid out by the state are so low it becomes increasingly hard to make a private business commercially viable. So whilst it is vital that the desire to make a return on investment does not mean that care is compromised many care homes find themselves in a very difficult position as it is extremely hard to run a profitable business and provide the level of qualified and experienced staff required.

It’s not impossible as there are many Care Homes that are excellent, or even adequate, but clearly the more difficult it is to make the books balance the harder it is for managers and owners to ensure standards are met.

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