Needlestick Injury Claims

Needlestick Injury Claims

What are Needlestick Injuries?

Needlestick Injuries are caused when the skin is punctured by a hypodermic needles accidentally. These normally occur when a needle is thrown away and then a person who later is cleaning or disposing of rubbish comes across it and is injured.

Needlestick Injury

Needlestick Injury Caused by Sharps


How Common Are They?

It is difficult to assess how frequently injuries happen as many people affected in this way may not report their injury. However, a recent healthcare survey suggested that in the year before nearly 40% had suffered an injury in this way. This is a huge figure. To make matters worse of those surveyed only just over half had formally reported the incident. And doctors reported their injuries less than nurses despite the greater possibility of them being injured.

Needlestick injuries are obviously more common in areas where there is a large hospital in the area where many  staff may be employed. For instance, at Airedale General Hospital which is close to the office of O’Neill Injury Solicitors we have had a number of successful claims because of the location of the hospital.

What are Consequences of a Needlestick Injury?

The injured person will have a risk of having contracted the full risk of injuries with potentially life threatening consequences such as HIV, Hepatitis B and C and CJD. Added to this is the stress of not knowing whether they have been infected or not – something which might not be clear for months afterwards.

What should I do if I have had a Needlestick Injury?

The first thing that is vital is to report it as an injury to your employer. They will have to record the incident formally. After that you should consult your GP to make sure that any tests for infection take place as soon as possible afterwards.

Do I Need to Bring a Claim?

If you have had a needlestick injury you should always obtain legal advice from a properly qualified Solicitor who will be able to assess your case quickly and also  put you in contact with any support services that may be necessary. Needlestick Injury cases can be complex and difficult to prove so it is vital that you have legal representation to look after your interests

What will I be entitled to if the Needlestick Injury claim is successful?

As well as recovering compensation for the injury itself you are entitled to claim for all financial losses that may result from the needlestick injury This can include any loss of earnings and cost of care and housework during the period of recovery.

Will I have to pay for my claim?

No. We will bring the claim using a No Win No Fee Agreement.

We will ensure that from the start you speak to a properly qualified Solicitor do everything possible to make the process of claiming as simple and efficient as possible and ensure that you obtain the maximum amount that you are entitled to for your needlestick injury claim.

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