Pressure Sore and Bed Sore Negligence Claims

Pressure and bed sores and ulcers – can I claim?

Older person suffering in bed

Bed sores can be very painful and dangerous – and are usually avoidable

Pressure Sore and Bed Sore Negligence Claims can arise whenever a person has a long period of time in care where they are confined to bed.

This can happen either in a stay in a hospital or in a Nursing or Care Home.

A pressure sore or bed ulcer can develop typically in a hospital because of the time pressures on staff which leads to inadequate treatment or monitoring, and in a Care or Nursing Home when staff fail to ensure that the resident’s care plan is properly implemented.

A claim for pressure sore compensation arises when the care offered has been inadequate in either of the ways described above.

How does a Pressure Sore Develop?

A pressure sore or bed ulcer develops quite simply because the patient or resident is left in the same position for long periods of time and this leads to the blood supply being cut off to the area affected. This in turn has consequences and the seriousness of this is graded according to how badly the injured person is affected. For more information please see our page What are bed sores and pressure ulcers?

How Do I Know if I or a relative have a Claim?

Bed Sores should not happen either in a hospital or in a care home.

Quite simply it falls below the standard of care that you should expect within either of these residential institutions. Both should have well established procedures for monitoring those in bed for long periods and if a bed ulcer or pressure sore is discovered then it means that there is very probably inadequate care or negligence and therefore there is a possible claim for compensation.

Bed sores can be very painful, are potentially life threatening and are mostly avoidable. Claiming compensation in these circumstances is both a reasonable action and a very effective way to ensure that organisations and their staff are vigilant to ensure that the vulnerable people in their charge aren’t afflicted by such a terrible condition.

Get specialist legal advice

It is vital that there is a proper assessment of the conduct of the staff in the in the Care or Nursing Home or hospital to see if proper standards have not been reached. This requires legal expertise and knowledge of what to look for and when.

We have extensive experience of such claims and have recovered substantial sums for previous clients who have experienced bed sores and pressure sores that could have been avoided.

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