What Happens Next When I Ring to Discuss a Pressure Sore Claim?


It is often difficult to take the first step and contact a Solicitor – particularly on a phone. Once you have taken the step of ringing up and asking for advice it is the job of the Solicitor to make sure that you are fully advised about whether you have a potential claim, how the claim will be funded and how quickly the claim is likely to take.

Any good Solicitor will be able go through these queries helpfully and efficiently making sure that the person looking to bring a claim is fully clear and confident about the way ahead.

Why Should I use a Solicitor to Bring a Bedsore or Pressure Sore Claim?

It is vital that a Solicitor is used in these types of claim.

A Solicitor will know the procedures that are necessary to make your claim and the way that your claim may be funded. To bring a claim without a Solicitor would mean that is much more likely that the Defendant will try to resist the claim and secondly that even if blame for the pressure sore was accepted the compensation would be lower than you would be entitled to.

Insurers seek to ensure that they pay out as little as possible for any claim, they are not there to make sure that you obtain proper compensation but that the insurance company pays as little as possible. If you do not have a Solicitor working for you then you will certainly be at an enormous disadvantage and very unlikely to obtain the compensation you are entitled to.

How Will the Claim for Pressure Sore Compensation be funded?

The Solicitor will go into this in detail once he has established that the claim is worth pursuing. The most common form of funding is a No Win No Fee Agreement.

This means in effect that the Solicitor is taking on the risk with you to bring the claim to a successful conclusion – if they do not they do not get paid.

So you can have confidence that if a Solicitor takes it on they will be certain that they believe the claim has reasonable prospects of success.

And with a No Win No Fee Agreement you do not need to pay the Solicitor anything at all during the course of case – that is all met by the Solicitor as part of the agreement.

What Will the Solicitor need to Know at This Stage ?

As explained above it is the job of the Solicitor to obtain all the necessary information from you to assess the claim. The main information will be an account of what has happened, after that the Solicitor will be able to determine what documents are required and the strategy to best pursue the case to get compensation as quickly as possible.

Any Solicitor that specialises in this type of claim will make the process as little trouble as possible, your only job is to provide the information and documentation as soon as necessary.

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