Couple sue Royal Caribbean over food poisoning on dream cruise

A couple have sued the cruise company Royal Caribbean after they became ill whilst on a £2,000 cruise of the Mediterranean.

Food poisoning, which they contracted on board the luxury cruise ship Rhapsody of the Sea, caused Rachael and David Wilcox of Bristol to feel sick, lethargic and to have ‘explosive diarrhoea’. David was so poorly he was in effective quarantine for two days as he kept to his bed in his cabin. The ships medical crew gave him injections and medication and he was put on a special menu called ‘a bland diet can settle troublesome vomiting and diarrhoea’.

Rachael, who has been on 12 cruises before, alleged that the ship was ‘dirty with grease and grime’.  Rachael went on to say ‘ I’ve been on 12 different cruises and usually there are cleaners all over the ship but I just didn’t seem to see many this time around,’ she claimed.

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