Curry House Death Shows Dangers of Allergies in Restaurants and Takeaways

A Curry House owner has been convicted of manslaughter and jailed after he failed to take notice of the allergy warnings given to him by a customer who subsequently died due to the from the food provided.

The restaurant owner Mr Mohammed Zaman was described as reckless  and having a cavalier attitude to risk by the judge.

Mr Paul Wilson suffered from severe anaphylactic shock in January 2014 after he ate a takeaway which contained nuts from Mr Zaman’s restaurant ‘The Indian Garden’ in Easingwold North Yorkshire.

Mr Wilson specified no peanuts on his order and this was written on his order. Despite this the meal was made using a nut powder which contained peanuts and led to Mr Wilson’s death.

What makes this case even worse is that three weeks before Mr Wilson made his order another customer had suffered a similar reaction to the curry. Mr Zaman was aware of this but failed to act

Mr Zaman was found guilty of manslaughter by gross negligence and also was guilty of six food safety offences.

The Judge described the incident as totally avoidable

A further more detailed report can be found here:

Comment on this Case:

This case shows the importance of risk management by restaurant and takeaway owners when people say they have a food allergy. This is a tragic case but many restaurant owners and waiters still unfortunately not take seriously warnings from customers about food allergy problems (such as gluten free)  seeing them as ‘faddy’ or ‘fussy’. This case will make it clear that this approach can have disastrous consequences and it is important staff are trained to recognise and act on risks like this.

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