Fall From Height At Farm Causes Serious Injuries to Farm Worker

A  Potato Farm in Suffolk has been fined £4000 after a workplace fall  by a 67 year old worker led to serious injuries.

The  farm worker had been employed by the farm for over 50 years. He fell in what the HSE described as a dangerous lifting operation

The farm worker suffered a broken shoulder blade, fractured ribs and a serious head injury. He was unable to work for four months

The farm accident occurred when a colleague had been asked to get seed potatoes from a shed and the worker stood on a box balanced on the forks of a fork lift truck to lift him up to do so. Almost inevitably the box on which he was standing overbalanced and he fell causing serious injuries.

The magistrates court held that whilst there was a safe system of work in place there was not sufficient supervision and monitoring of this which led the accident. Worse still the workers regularly simply bypassed the system when carrying out their day to day work

Specialist Personal Injury Claims comment:

This accident demonstrates that farm accidents are often the result of not just poor safety systems but also due to safe systems of work not being enforced properly. Farm accidents are often the result of poor supervision of farm workers who are often left to manage on their own in how they carry out their work- with almost inevitable results as here.

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