Family Christmas Ruined by Food Poisoning at Restaurant

A family who went to an Italian Restaurant for an expensive Christmas treat suffered food poisoning in what they described as the Christmas Meal from Hell’

The family went to the restaurant, Dantes Halfway House at Chorley in Lancashire and paid £660 for the meal including wine.

No sooner had they eaten than they all started to suffer food poisoning symptoms and had symptoms of vomiting and diarrhoea

An investigation into the food poisoning incident by the local authority environmental health department suggested that there may have been symptoms of campylobacter in the meal.

The restaurant have not yet confirmed if this was the case but other diners apart from this family alone were affected so it appears to have been something served by the restaurant itself

To add insult to injury one of the oldest members of the family group Grandmother Carole Taylor aged 76 broke her hip whilst dashing to the toilet when she got home.

There are a number of lessons to be learned from this incident:

  1. Firstly, the fact that a meal is expensive does not guarantee that it will be free from bacteria if the basic hygiene provisions are not in place in the kitchen
  2. Secondly, campylobacter is an ever present problem where food is served. For further details on campylobacter claims please see this link
  4. Thirdly the speed in which the local authority reacts can mean that a restaurant that has problems can be closed without too many people being affected. An active Environmental Health service from a local council is vital.

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