Family Food Poisoning In ‘Christmas Meal From Hell’

A family who went out for a Christmas meal suffered food poisoning despite paying £660 for the meal.

To add insult to injury one of the family aged 74 tripped and fell whilst rushing the toilet causing her to break her hip.

The cause of the food poisoning suffered by all the family and others in the restaurant is being looked into by the local authority environmental department,

It is thought that the cause was the campylobacter virus- and this is confirmed by some of the samples from the family tested at the hospital.

The restaurant, Dante’s Halfway House in Chorley Lancashire made no comment on the matter except to say that they were looking into the complaint.

This case shows a number of things:

  1. The importance of hygiene in any restaurant because of the ever present threat of the campylobacter virus
  2. The problems that can occur around Christmas when restaurants are often guilty of overbooking to try and maximise their income- without necessarily having the capacity or staff to provide the meals
  3. That spending a lot of money on a meal does not necessarily mean that you will get a meal that is safe.


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