Farm Accident Death Risk ‘Higher Than Afghanistan’

A farm accident  causing death or serious injury is more likely to cause death than serving in Afghanistan.

This shock revelation was recently made at meeting in Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, and shows the danger of an accident on a farm has reached new levels.

A further shocking statistic is that whilst farm workers in Northern Ireland make up only 1.5% of the workforce they account for up to 15-20% of casualties and fatalities

A recent example of a farm accident was when a farmer was replacing barn roof trusses and fell from a height causing injuries that were estimated to amount to nearly £6 million in insurance payments.

A further example of a similarly devastating  accident on farm with huge insurance implications was where a member of the public who was walking home having drunk too much climbed over the farm fence and fell into a pond. He was seriously injured causing a claim of up to £1 million.

Other identified risks were balers which could wrap up string so quickly that as much as seven feet per second could be pulled in causing risks to farm workers nearby. Another risk which is a major cause of farm accidents and is frequently reported in the press involves the use of quad bikes.

Other identified areas were lack of regular safety checks on potentially lethal farm work equipment and additionally because much of farm work particularly baling involves working from a height there were increased risks as often such platforms were unfenced or unguarded simply due to poor supervision or pressure to get the job done quickly.

A recent fall from height from a haystack had led to an insurance claim of up to £5.5 million.

One other less obvious area of injury was from direct work with the livestock- and this risk was especially so when animals were calving.

It appears that farm accidents involving fatalities are predominantly men over 65 years with young children between 3 and 8 years the next highest group

A further staggering statistic was that for every £1 raised by premium collection some £4.50 was paid out.

It appears that Northern Ireland – with its higher proportion of farms than the rest of the UK- also has a higher proportion of farm accidents. Farmers requests for grants to be made from government to try and improve safety have so far come to nothing.

Whilst farm safety is still emphasised by both Government, HSE and insurers the sad and shocking fact is that despite all of these threats and warnings the incidence of farm accidents is stubbornly high

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