Farm Accident With 18 inch Tractor Spike Avoids Serious Injury

A Shropshire Farmer who was impaled by an 18 inch long metal tractor spike avoided serious injury when the baling prong went all the way through his body but miraculously avoided major organs.

The Farmer was airlifted to hospital with the prong still in his body as the rescuers were worried that if they removed it at the scene he may have bled to death.

The accident occurred when the Farmer Mr Heatley was cutting the plastic on a hay bale. He had not put the handbrake on tight enough and the tractor spike went into him when it moved.

The accident happened while Mr Heatley was cutting the plastic on a hay bale. He had left the tractor’s engine running but did not put the handbrake on “quite tight enough”, he said.

The metal spike had to be unbolted in order to free him

The spike went into his buttock and then came out the other side in his stomach causing him to be pinned to the bale.

Luckily his cries for help were heard by a neighbour who called he emergency services who came to his rescue.

The rescue services tried initially to remove the spike from his body but realised that it was too dangerous. They then had difficulty removing the spike from the tractor before getting Mr Heatley to hospital. They described it as the most unusual accident they had been required do deal with in over 30 years

Specialist Injury Claims Comment:

This accident shows two of the key risks in a farm workplace. Firstly a lot of the time farm workers are working alone. On this occasion thankfully the cries for help were heard but often farm workers work alone in isolated areas and are therefore not so lucky. Secondly it shows that farm accidents are often simply the result of dangerous farm work equipment being used in a careless way- often with fatal consequences though thankfully not in this case.