Farm Accident

Can I Claim If I have Farm Accident?

Tractor on farm

Farm Equipment Can Be Dangerous

If you have been involved in a farm accident you may be able to claim compensation.

You can claim if you are employed on a farm but also if you are visiting and the accident is not your fault.

A Farm Accident is very common- it is estimated that at least 1500 people a year in the UK have serious accidents, and others have injuries that may be less but can still significantly affect their health and employment prospects.

Why is a Farm Accident different from other Work Accidents?

A Farm Accident is different because on a Farm there is likely to be a very close working relationship between the farm worker and the farmer employer. This means an injured person may be reluctant to bring a claim and indeed may partly blame themselves for what has happened. This is understandable, and something we at O’Neill Injury Solicitors are aware of-  we use our experience in Farm Injury Claims to try to ensure that this relationship is maintained- whilst of course making sure that any the injured person obtains the compensation they are entitled to.

How can a Farm Accident Occur?

A Farm Accident may occur because of  one or all of the following

1.  A lack of training

2. A failure to provide employees with a safe working environment. If an employer fails to conform to certain health and safety regulations and provide a safe place to work and an accident occurs then they will be held responsible.

What should you do if you have had a Farm Accident?

1 Fill in the Accident Book.

All employers are obliged to have an accident report book on the premises. If you are in a fit state to do so, ensure that full details of your accident are entered as soon as possible. It is important that what has happened is accurately recorded and that you do not make any admissions of being at fault as this could cause problems if you try to claim later. A common mistake made by people who are injured is to admit that either that they may have been to blame or are partly responsible for what has happened- all of which may need to be dealt with as legal arguments later when the claim is being brought.

2. Make sure you get the names and addresses of any witnesses.. A farm accident is likely to only involve a few witnesses so they may give vital evidence.

3. If possible, take a photo of the accident location – this can be helpful later in proving the accident circumstances

Do I need a Solicitor?

Yes. A farm accident is likely to be more complicated than one in a factory. There may be problems in proving what has happened and also getting any necessary witnesses in support. In addition it may be difficult to establish precisely who to sue. And because of the dangerous nature of farm equipment any accident could well cause serious injuries- not to get legal representation could you mean your claim is unsuccessful or you may be much less than it may be worth. A properly qualified Solicitor can advise you on all these issues and ensure you get what you are entitled to.

In most circumstances you will be entitled to claim using a No Win No Fee agreement so there is no risk that you will have any legal bills as the Solicitor will be able to claim these back from the insurers at the end of the case.

At O’Neill Injury Solicitors we are specialists in Farm Accident claims. We can offer a  No Win No Fee service and a free no obligation home visit as necessary.

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