Accident at Work on a Farm- Ejected Material Impact Injuries

Accident at Work on a Farm – Ejected Material Impact Injuries

Agricultural Machinery- perhaps more than any other industry- can cause an  accident at work on a farm when material or parts coming out the machinery can cause injury or death

What Type of Machinery Can Cause Impact Injuries?

The main risks are from machinery such as post drivers or bale wrappers where there is a high risk of parts or material coming out from the machinery at speed. However less likely ones are mowers and tree harvesters and also hedge cutters. Other accidents at work have been caused in the past by manure spreaders which like mowers tend to throw up ejected material such as stones or debris at high speed;

How are these  Accidents at Work normally Caused?

The normal scenario is that a farm worker who has been working long hours and to a tight timescale through momentary lack of attention causes themselves to be put at risk. The most common error is failing to wear sufficient protective equipment against the ejected material or part. Other accidents have been caused by failure maintain blades and flails properly

What Steps Can be taken to avoid such Accidents?

It is the employers responsibility to ensure safe systems of farm working and farm work equipment. Steps to avoid these accidents at work can include ensuring the fitting and maintenance of safety devices and such as stone deflectors and skirts on the machinery and ensuring the farm worker is fully aware of all the safety devices and equipment. There is also a responsibility on the farm work employer to ensure that these systems are maintained and monitored.

What Training can a Farm Worker expect to prevent such Accidents?

Farm workers must be properly trained in the safe use and maintenance of the equipment they are asked to use and also the specific safety devices that they should use. The Farm employer should ensure that the Farm Worker has full access to all additional training necessary. This is especially the case when the equipment is only used on an intermittent basis.

What To Do If you have had an Accident at Work on a Farm Involving an Impact Injury?

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