Fall at Work on Farm Claims

Fall At Work on Farm Claims

Farm Work Equipment

Falls from Work Equipment on a Farm are too common

If you have been injured in a fall at work on a farm you should take legal advice about whether you can claim

Falls at work on a farm are the second highest cause of death in farm accidents. Every year at least eight people die in falls from a height on a farm and many more suffer broken bones and other related injuries.

Work on a farm is particularly full of places where workers can fall- from ladders, vehicles bale stacks, tractors and often from equipment that it brought in on contract but for which training is not adequate.

The law says that an employer needs to consider all ways in which work at height which might lead to a fall might be avoided and if not to use equipment or other measures to keep risks to a minimum.

The Work at Height Regulations 2005 cover all work activities where people could fall and injure themselves. The duties are put on employers to make sure that work from a height is properly planned supervised and carried out and that all who do it are competent to do the job.

If you have been injured on a farm as result of a fall because of your relationship with your employer you may be reluctant to bring a claim. It is important that you seek independent legal advice to help you obtain the compensation you may be entitled to.

What will I be entitled to if the fall at work on a farm claim is successful?

As well as recovering compensation for the injury itself you are entitled to claim for all financial losses that may result from the fall at work. This can include any loss of earnings and cost of care and housework during the period of recovery.

Will I have to pay for my claim?

No. We will bring the claim using a No Win No Fee Agreement.

We will ensure that from the start you speak to a properly qualified Solicitor do everything possible to make the process of claiming as simple and efficient as possible and ensure that you obtain the maximum amount that you are entitled to for your fall at work on a farm

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