Farm Accident Injury Claims- Crushing Injuries

Farm Accident Injury Claims caused by Crushing Injuries

These are one of the most common type of Personal Injury Claims in the Agricultural Sector

Why Are Such Farm Accident Injuries So Common?

The Reasons for such injuries are not hard to find. Much  agricultural equipment has is based on reciprocating mechanisms – for instance box fillers and hope presses or baler needles.

In addition equipment that is hydraulically raised such as trailer and rear doors and also telescopic handler booms and particularly combine headers can cause inevitable risks. Other common problems involve equipment with trailers such as balers and manure spreaders. Finally there is linkage mounted machinery such as post drivers sprayers and fertiliser spreaders.

All of these because of the nature of the equipment can cause crushing injury but farm accident injuries are largely caused by this equipment linked to operator error which can caused serious injuries and sometimes fatalities.

How Do the Accidents Occur?

The Farm Worker’s error can involve actions that are understandable in the middle of a busy day’s work. Often the accident can be caused by reaching into the crush areas without taking the precaution of turning off the machine first. Sometimes the machine that is being trailed is incorrectly hitched. Another common problem is where a machine is being repaired and is not properly supported when the repairs are being carried out and the person who is repairing it is crushed.

How Can  Such Farm Accident Injury Claims be Prevented?

There are a number of precautions that can be taken to avoid these problems leading to farm accident injuries.

Firstly machines can be altered o that crush points are better protected so that farm workers cannot get their hands or legs trapped

Secondly access to crush points can be avoided by using fixed guards or even better interlocked guards.

Thirdly stabilisers can be used on machines that are unbalanced when they are mounted to commence operation

Precautions that can be taken by the employer to avoid operator error can also involve proper and clear training on operator maintenance and safety as well as relevant and updated safety training involving Lantra type qualifications

What To Do If you have had an Farm Accident Injury Involving a Crushing Injury?

If you have been involved in a farm accident you need immediate and urgent advice from specialist Solicitors so that your Farm Accident Injury Claim can be properly assessed.

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