Accident At Work On A Farm Injuries- Entanglement Claims

Accident At Work on a Farm Claims- Entanglement Injuries

Farm work accidents caused by farm workers becoming entangled in equipment are all too common and avoidable accidents on a farm.

 What Type of Equipment Causes Such Entanglement Accidents?

The types of equipment that classically causes such farm work injuries are the power take off shafts on tractors and on the gears and sprockets of ancillary equipment such as feed mixers. Other equipment that can be dangerous includes belts and pulleys in roller mills and pasture toppers and rotating machine parts in such farm work equipment as a power tedder or harrow.

Why Do Such Entanglement Accidents Happen?

These are primarily due to farm worker error and tiredness and fatigue.

 Often farm workers are under pressure to perform tasks in a tight time schedule due to weather or other factors and they try to carry out running repairs on the machine. In doing so they often fail to disconnect power before clearing blockages and also fail to stop the machine running in their hurry to get the task done. Another big problems is wearing loose clothing or sometimes long hair that is not safely managed- both of which can become more easily entangled in the farm equipment.

How Can Farm Equipment be set up to Avoid Accidents at Work Entanglement Accidents?

Farm equipment can be set to avoid accidents at work on the farm  by ensuring that guards are in place to prevent access to farm equipment that is not safe by position alone. Interlocking guards and stand off guards as well as external or automatic lubrication points being arranged on the farm equipment.

How Can Training Help?

As in all workplace accidents training of farm workers for the specific specialised tasks they need to carry out is absolutely essential and often unfortunately disregarded by farm employers

Farm workers need to given clear guidance on stopping machinery before clearing blockages and also monitored so that they do not forget to adjust and keep all safety guards in position. Farm workers should also be encouraged and paid to get proper accreditation such as Lantra or other recognised standards

What To Do If you have had an Accident At Work on a Farm  Involving an Entanglement Injury?

If you have been involved in a farm accident you need immediate and urgent advice from specialist Personal Injury Solicitors so that your Farm Accident Injury Claim can be properly assessed.

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