Simple Steps To Avoid Farm Accidents

What Steps should Be Taken to avoid Farm Accident Injuries?

Farm Accidents Can be Avoided by Planning Ahead and ensuring Simple steps are Taken to Avoid the Worst Injuries

  1. Firstly ensure that everyone who works or visits the farm wears shoes or boots with slip resistant treads or heels.
  2. Ensure all tools and other items are put away at the end of the working day.- otherwise if others don’t know where they are they are likely to become a tripping hazard.
  3. Always clean spills immediately whether this be oil mud water or manure.
  4. Always be aware that tractors and combine harvesters platforms can by their very nature be hazards that are as dangerous as a factory shop floor when they are covered with spills or debris.
  5. All farm equipment should be checked before they are used. This not only means machinery and tractors which should of course be properly maintained but also less obvious things like ladders and platforms and even ropes and chains and harnesses
  6. Always provide the right and appropriate equipment for farm workers- especially ensure that the right farm equipment is available for the right farm job
  7. When working at Height on a farm ensure that a harness is used to make sure the fall is limited- many farm accidents are avoided by this simple precaution.
  8. Ensure that all farm workers and also visitors who are in potentially hazardous areas are made aware by training of the dangers that they face when they visit or work on a farm.
  9. Be especially sure that seasonal or student farm workers are aware of the farm workplace dangers
  10. Ensure that all farm workers are drilled into cleaning equipment and especially platforms after use.
  11. Ensure that farm workers make proper use of hand and grab rails

Farm accidents are largely preventable by planning ahead and training- ensure that you are fully up to date with HSE and other guidance.

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