Farm Accidents- How To Avoid Children Getting Injured

A farm is an incredibly interesting place to grow up in and in the Skipton and Keighley area where almost anybody is living very close to a farm we get access to farms very regularly- even if we are not brought up directly on a farm.

From the point of view of a child the farm is fascinating – but also dangerous. Recent figures from Canada- where they keep better records of these incidents- shows that from 1990 to 2008 there were 248 recorded agricultural fatalities in children under 15 which equates to almost 13 deaths per year. And almost half of these involved children under 5.

The most common causes of death were drowning, being run over by equipment and so called rollovers where the equipment rolled over crushing the person driving it (a common accident regarding quad bikes)

Recent advice for farm owners includes the following advice to improve farm safety to avoid accidents with children when the farm is also the place  they grow up in:

  1. Set Boundaries and Child safe zones- particularly when children are visiting who may not be familiar with the farm environment
  2. Establish extreme hazard boundaries (particularly when dangerous chemicals and pesticides are stored
  3. Create a specific safe play area which is as far away from the hazard boundaries as possible
  4. Be aware of the different stages in which children become aware of the risks on a farm and gradually introduce them to tasks strictly supervised by an adult.

Living in a semi rural area such as Skipton and Keighley allows access to the great outdoors and some unbeatable countryside- but it is important that children who are brought up on a farm and those who children who visit them do not become part of the farm accident statistics.

For further details of the statistics from Canada please see this link

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