Farm Safety Unsafe in Railway Crossing Accident Investigation.

The Safety Procedures at railway crossing where a train hit a farm trailer have recently been criticised as “inherently unsafe”.

A  train collided with a trailer  near Welshpool last July prompting a review of the safety procedures in place on the line regarding farm vehicles crossing.

Two rail passengers were injured and the tractor driver and nearby pedestrians were also involved

On the day of the accident the farm crossing was being used by farm tractors bringing in a harvest from fields on the opposite side of the line from the farm.

As is common these days the farmer had appointed a contractor to carry out the harvesting operation.  Unfortunately the contractor had not set up a safe system for the harvesting vehicles to cross over the line.

The Accident report said: The accident occurred because the system of work in use at the crossing was inherently unsafe leading to ineffective control of road vehicle movements over the crossing and frequent use of the crossing without the signaller being contacted.

“This system broke down.”

A number of safety recommendations were made to avoid accidents involving  farm vehicles used by a contractor coming into danger in this way again.

Specialist Injury Claims Comment

This accident shows a perhaps little know area where farm accidents can occur especially during the harvest season. Such accidents can be partly due to the work being contracted out to third parties. Farmers cannot escape responsibility for the safety of their workers by saying a third party is involved unless they have properly assessed and approved any safety plans and procedures.