Farmers Warned of Accident Risk From Mud On Roads

Farm owners and their farm workers have been warned about mud being left on the roads with the possibility of serious accidents resulting

The recent wet and stormy weather has added to the risk even in the Yorkshire area where the weather though poor has not been as devastating as elsewhere in the country.

Farm Accident Insurers have warned about the dangers as they would be liable for any resulting payouts regarding not only accidents involving their farm workers but also for other road users.

Common problems identified are mud on roads and also flooding onto the roads caused by blocked and flooded drainage ditches. This causes not only water but debris carried by water which can cause problems
The Highways Act 1980 deems  it an offence to deposit mud onto roads and also the  the Water Resources Act 1991 also has a section dealing with mud on roads
The problems can stem from mud and debris which may not necessarily belong to the farmer but for which he may be liable. Common problems here are a contractor spreading muck or pesticide on fields and even milk tankers. These can still be the farmer’s responsibility when they are on his land

There are a range of preventative measures that can be taken including making sure that the field gateways onto the road are properly drained and using hard core or chippings in areas which are excessively muddy to ensure that tyres are not caked with mud.

Further precautions include washing down tractor tyres before going on the road and driving at lower speeds to ensure that spreading is limited.

Even farm owners which take these precautions should ensure that even if the worst happens they are fully covered for any potential claims

O’Neill Injury Solicitors Comment:

Yorkshire and the Skipton and Keighley area is relatively rural and will have more than its fair share of the problems identified in this article. Any person who has had an accident on mud in the roads around the area should ensure that they get proper legal advice and assistance by contacting us by e mail or phone on 01535 958778