Farmers Warned Over Cable Safety

Issues of farm safety are have been identified by Electricity Companies after a number of accidents on farms where farm workers lives have been put at risk

In the last three months there have been an unprecedented number of incidents reported to Northern Powergrid where tractors or other farm vehicles have struck cables or support  poles.

In the North of England in Catterick Garrison in North Yorkshire a harvester hit an electricity pole conductor in July. And in August a combine harvester hit a pylon in Malton North Yorkshire. And in nearby Thirsk a hedge cutter hit an electricity pole’s support cables.

Farm safety at work is a key issue in this area. A statement from Northern Powergrid who supply electricity in this area. If a vehicle person comes into contact with a power line it could carry up to 400,00 volts and be fatal.

And it is not just vehicles coming into contact with power lines and their supporting structures. At this time of year particularly when vehicles are spraying pesticides these can come into contact with power lines also and conduct electricity causing death or serious injury to the operator of the farm equipment.

The Northern Powergrid spokesman advised farmers to be vigilant of these dangers and if necessary carry out a further risk assessment to ensure that the risk of farm accidents are minimised. He was especially concerned that the risk of farm accidents was cut down for those workers who are only temporary contract workers and may be unfamiliar with the hazards on the land they are working on.

This report demonstrates that farm accidents can be caused by a particularly wide range of sources given the often extensive nature of the land on which the work is carried out.