Coeliac Disease

What is Coeliac Disease?

Coeliac Disease is a chronic illness where the sufferer is allergic to gluten.  Gluten is a protein. Wheat and many processed and restaurant produced foods contain Gluten. Gluten poisoning is the name for the allergic reaction brought on by eating any food containing gluten.

coeliac disease illustration

Coeliac Disease is a serious condition, not an eating fad.

The big problem for people who suffer from reaction to Gluten is convincing other people that your condition is serious. Many simply see sufferers as fussy or faddy eaters.  Even worse some think they have such a restricted diet as a matter of choice or lifestyle.

Coeliac disease a serious medical condition. 

To  someone who suffers from the condition eating even the slightest amount of food contaminated with gluten can cause a severe reaction. This can start with disabling cramps, sickness and vomiting. It may also lead to more long term anaemia and other chronic bowel and stomach conditions. This means that the sufferer must strictly monitor their diet In order to avoid serious illness.

What to do if you’ve suffered an allergic reaction to gluten.

We will advise you if you can make a claim for compensation for an allergic reaction to gluten. We will need to talk to you to establish if you have a claim. Typically you will have a claim if you meet these criteria:

  • Gluten was in food that you ate, and you weren’t informed about this.
  • The label or the menu didn’t clearly list gluten.
  • A restaurant, fast food outlet, takeaway or a shop sold you the food.

However we must stress that each case is different. So even if you don’t think you meet all the criteria you will need expert advice to assess your situation.

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For more information on gluten poisoning claims please visit our gluten poisoning page