Ten Suggestions to Help if You Accidentally Eat Gluten

Ten Suggestions to Help if You Accidentally Suffer Gluten Poisoning.

If you suffer from Coeliac Disease you will be only too aware of the effects of gluten poisoning.

These vary person to person but include upset stomach, diarrhoea and  vomiting initially and then can cause skin rashes and various other combinations of nerve and arthritic pain depending on the individual.

One thing that I am often asked when people consult me about bringing a personal injury claim is whether there is anything you can do to alleviate the symptoms apart from simply ‘sitting it out’ ie waiting for the gluten to leave your system naturally from the body?

The Coeliac Society is particularly helpful in sharing sufferers experience- so based on some of the blogs on there I can offer the following suggestions (though these should not be a substitute for proper medical advice of course) for this difficult time:

  1.  Limiting intake of food and water: almost totally after the gluten ingestion seems to be the consensus advice. The blogs suggest that this somehow re-sets the immune system. After gluten ingestion it may be that you are not hungry or thirsty anyway- but it seems that some find it accelerates the process of recovery.
  2. Digestive Enzymes: I have to say I had not heard of these at all before despite having extensive personal knowledge of the coeliac condition. It seems that they can help the bloating which is so characteristic of gluten poisoning
  3. Green Tea or Peppermint Tea: This is said to help bloating by muscle relaxing
  4. Anti histamines. As the Gluten reaction is an allergic one the idea is that taking an antihistamine after the event can damp down the symptoms. Worth a try but in my view anti histamines are more useful to avoid other allergens (normally airborne) such as a pollen.
  5. Pepto Bismol: This can  help with an upset stomach caused by gluten poisoning
  6. Probiotics: These have been heavily advertised as a beneficial aspect of certain yoghurts and yoghurt drinks. Like anti histamines these are probably best as a preventative measure but can also assist after gluten poisoning
  7. Broth: Chicken soup and its many varieties have long been espoused for its medicinal qualities and in the context of gluten poisoning can help restore the gut- particularly when home made!
  8. Tummy Rescue Smoothie: It seems that there are various recipes put forward by coeliac sufferers as offering relief from the worst effects of gluten poisoning. The mixtures seem to combine fennel seeds and flax oil to reduce bloating and sooth the tummy.
  9. Immodium: This is tried and tested for diarrhoea generally and there is absolutely no reason not to try it to assist when gluten induced diarrhoea is at its worst.
  10. Marshmallow root: This is not widely available but can help soothe stomach bloating

The immediate concern when faced with accidental gluten poisoning is to alleviate the symptoms and try to make a full recovery.
If the gluten poisoning is caused by a hotel or restaurant or takeaway and you wish to consider bringing claim for your pain and suffering after the event you should not hesitate to contact specialist Solicitors to discuss your options. Such claims require urgent action to ensure your interests are protected:

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