food allergy death for British boy in Italy

Cameron Wahid food allergy death

A seven year boy, Cameron Wahid, died after a food allergy reaction to spaghetti on holiday in Italy.

After a four year fight to get satisfaction for their awful loss the restaurant owner has been given a two year suspended sentence. The family were awarded £288,000 compensation.

Waiter was warned about food allergy

Cameron went into anaphylactic shock and collapsed after eating a pasta meal in a restaurant near Amalfi in Italy. The boy’s Mother, Cassandra Wahid, told a waiter that Cameron couldn’t eat any dairy products. But the waiter didn’t understand this and Cameron was served pasta that contained dairy products. This was because the tomato sauce contained milk.

Cameron’s father, Riz Wahid said. “We were always so careful about letting everyone know about the severity of Cameron’s allergy because it was such a danger for him.

“I feel compelled to do everything I can, so that nobody else has to watch their child die as we did.

“No amount of money will never make up for what we have been through and our hope is that now these proceedings are over lessons will be learned so that other people with allergies do not suffer the same fate.”

The news of this sad case echoes the recent case of the death of teenager Owen Cary from a similar situation. Despite making staff aware of his dairy allergy Owen Cary was served with chicken marinated in buttermilk. He too suffered an anaphylactic reaction and died from his severe allergic response.

Food allergen information on menus must be improved

It’s clear that anyone with a food allergy must take extreme care when eating out. You cannot rely on an informal conversation with staff as this is exactly what happened in both these tragic cases. Also in both cases the court found that food allergen information on the menu was insufficient or not prominent enough. We again call for regulations for the inclusion of food allergen information on menus must be clear, full, and prominently displayed.

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