Food Poisoning and Safety App will Improve Restaurant Standards

In the US there are almost 48 million case of food poisoning each year. About half of these cases of food poisoning are caused by inadequate food hygienc in kitchens leading to outbreaks of infection and disease.

A new Smart Phone App which is named Restaurant Report allows people who are thinking of dining out access to scores on their local restaurants and to check if there  is any history of problems with food hygiene or safety that might lead to food poisoning

“I think it will benefit anyone who wants to eat at clean restaurants,” the creator of the App  David Clements said. “There isn’t an app right now that lets you pick restaurants based on their health scores, so I created one.”

Clements also  said there is good evidence to show a link between how much a restaurant owner cares about hygiene and any resultant outbreaks of food poisoning

The real innovation of the app is to allow people access to food restaurant standard reports that would normally be difficult to get hold of quickly and efficiently. Restaurants are often inspected but the reports by inspectors are filed in a range of often difficult to locate places.

“You can go to county databases to get this information, but county databases were designed 10 years before smartphones were even being used,” said Clements. “They are really hard to navigate.”

The app  will allow users to get details  on restaurants with poor health inspection scores in a matter of seconds.

Also helpfully the new app will allow the user the facility to report a food poisoning incident immediately using their phone.

The creator of the app hopes that it will allow instant access to good and bad scores to improve standards of food hygiene and lessen the number of food poisoning incidents annually.

At present the scheme is only in the US 

Mr Clements is currently raising money through social media sites to expand the number of cities where the app can be launched. To see how to contribute visit   

Specialist Personal Injury Claims Comment:

This app is a great idea and it is hoped that it will in due course come to the UK. It will doubtless lessen the number of food poisoning claims and drive up food hygiene standards in restaurants and other fast food outlets.

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