Food Poisoning Claim At McDonalds Restaurant

The effects of a mouldy bun at a McDonalds fast Food restaurant left a man ill in bed for a week. The bun- an egg and bacon muffin cost £1.99 and it was bought at a Nottingham outlet of the chain. When he started to eat it the egg was a strange green colour. He immediately stopped eating but it was too late. A few hours later he began to be sick – and was then bedridden for five days after collapsing.

He was treated at the local A and E and was given antibiotics anti sickness pill and also a standard anti fungal medicine. The only comment the man would make as he continued his recovery was that he would never eat a McDonalds again.

McDonalds spokesman had no comment apart from to ask the man to make contact and report it to them directly.

Can the Victim of this Food Poisoning bring a Claim?

The answer is yes- he has a claim for the pain and suffering and inconvenience caused.

How Much Might he Be entitled to?

For a 7-14 day period of inconvenience like this he might expect to be awarded in excess of £1100- £1200

How Can He Claim?

If he contacts McDonalds directly though they may be genuinely sorry for what has happened they will wish to pay as little as possible for the injury he suffered.

If he wishes to obtain the compensation that he is entitled to he should contact a Solicitor who specialises in Personal Injury Claims to ensure he is properly compensated. The important thing in this type of claim is NOT TO DELAY- it is vital to act quickly to have a reasonable prospect of success.

If you are the victim of food poisoning please contact O’Neill Injury Solicitors for confidential no obligation specialist advice- always from a qualified Solicitor. Use the contact form opposite or ring 01535958778 or (out of hours) 07821809843.