Food Poisoning – How Do I Claim?

How to claim if you have suffered Food Poisoning at a restaurant or fast food outlet

The 5 Food Poisoning Must Do’s

The important thing is to act fast.  You should

  1. See your GP as soon as Possible
  2. Make a Complaint to the Outlet ensuring it is put into their Incident/Accident Book
  3. Get names and addresses of anybody who was with you at the outlet who may have seen you becoming ill afterwards
  4. If you are able to please keep the food which you believe caused the problem
  5. Get Legal Advice as soon as possible afterwards

How Common is This Type of Claim?

The appalling case of the Nottingham Fast Food Owner who poisoned over 140 customers is thankfully not very common. In the Nottingham case the reason for the outbreak was simple – the workers were not provided with enough hand washing facilities. As a result contamination from dirty hands lead to catastrophic results.

Thankfully outbreaks of this size are relatively rare – but the risk factors within food outlets remain the same – and there are many more less well reported claims on a daily basis.

What are the Main Issues and Cause of Food Poisoning?

In a fast food outlet such as a takeaway the food is prepared fast- therefore there are more possibilities of the food either being undercooked or alternatively not properly defrosted. In addition staff often work in cramped conditions with poor sanitation and washing conditions.

The causes are more varied in a restaurant and not necessarily to do with food being prepared in a rush. Poor hygeine is a major cause and it’s easy to forget this can be something as simple as not washing a lettuce. Yes you can get food poisoning from vegetables too!

There are strict rules laid down for hte preparation, handling, storing and cooking of food in restaurants and most owners ensure these are followed properly.

How Difficult is it to bring a Food Poisoning Claim Successfully?

Food Poisoning claims are difficult because it is often a problem to prove conclusively that the food poisoning that you are suffering is caused by the restuaraunt or fast food outlet and not from any other source. Getting evidence together as soon as possible after the problem has occurred is absolutely critical.

Your Solicitor should be able to assist in getting the necessary evidence together and contact the outlet to bring the claim and get the necessary medical evidence.

Claims against food outlets are not easy to bring – but the quicker you contact your Solicitor to get legal help the greater the chance of the claim being ultimately successful.

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