Gluten Poisoning Claims

Gluten Poisoning Claims

A person who has been told that a meal or a product is gluten free which then it turns out not to be has a claim for gluten poisoning damages and compensation against the person who supplied the food. It is vital that the person affected seeks immediate legal advice if they wish to bring a claim as gathering the evidence to prove the allegation is the critical part.

If you are gluten intolerant and have bought a product which claimed to be gluten free, or had a meal at a restaurant where the food served was said to be gluten free, and become ill then you may be able to claim for gluten poisoning.

The big problem for people who suffer from reaction to Gluten (the condition is known medically as Ceoliac Intolerance) is convincing people how serious their condition is. Many simply see sufferers as fussy or faddy eaters, or worse that they have such a restricted diet as a matter of choice or lifestyle.

The reality is that it is a serious medical condition that needs to be controlled by strict monitoring of diet in the same way other conditions are controlled by medication.

To  someone who suffers from the condition eating even the slightest amount of food contaminated with gluten can – and most often does – cause a severe reaction. This can range from disabling cramps and sickness and vomiting, to more long term anaemia and other chronic bowel and stomach conditions.

What you can Do

Gluten Poisoning claims

Gluten Free Food Should be Accurately Labelled

At O’Neill Injury Solicitors we are specialists in such claims. The Principal Solicitor of the Firm has first hand and family experience of the condition and therefore understands in detail the suffering, inconvenience and distress involved in a gluten poisoning claim. We genuinely believe that only personal experience can provide the necessary background knowledge to get the best possible outcome in both compensation and necessary apologies from the offending person, organisation or company.

If you have suffered from gluten poisoning we want you to get the compensation you deserve. As well as claiming for the pain and suffering experienced we also claim for all other losses that arise from the incident such as:

  • Lost income from work as a result of both the injury and any treatment required
  • Out of pocket expenses
  • Any care and assistance needed from family or friends

Any help that we may offer will be on a No Win No Fee Basis. This means that if we don’t get compensation for you then there is no fee at all.

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We want to ensure that you get every penny of the compensation you are entitled to as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We are also able to see you at home if necessary.

The important thing is not to delay – the sooner we speak to you the better the chance of a successful claim.

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