Food poisoning payout: £15,000

Food poisoning from buffet, pic of typical buffet

‘Staff were spitting by food processor’.

A woman who suffered the effects of this food poisoning for over a year has been awarded over £15,000 food poisoning payout by the High Court.

The High Court heard how Zehour Chelfat had chronic food poisoning after eating at Chaudhry’s Restaurant in Edmonton, London.

The judge described how, within hours of eating at the restaurant, Ms Chelfat suffered severe stomach pains and stomach acid reflux. The pain persisted causing sleep disruption for over three months. She also suffered diarrhoea and constipation for 12 months, with nausea and loss of energy continuing for 18 months.

Appalling conditions at Buffet Restaurant lead to substantial food poisoning payout

The judge said Ms Chelfat saw prepared curries being stored in a cupboard rather than a fridge. She then saw these curries placed in an oven for a only a few seconds and then poured into the keep-warm buffet dishes. Staff were wearing casual and unhygienic clothes. She saw fresh fruit mixed with contaminated or rotten fruit to make fruit juice. Ms Chelfat even saw one staff member spitting in the area where the fruit and fruit processor were kept.

Fireball Curry and ‘Funny’ Orange juice

Ms Chelfat has taken a couple of spoons of curry from the buffet and judge Mr Justice Murray said: “She described the curry as afflicting her throat like a ‘fireball’. She was also given an orange juice but found that it tasted ‘funny’ and did not finish it.”

Ms Chalfat’s unhappy experience underlines that food poisoning can have serious long term consequences. You really need an expert in food poisoning claims who understands all aspects of this unpleasant and potentially life altering illness.

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