Food Poisoning Twice As Likely In Restaurants Than At Home New Study Shows

A new study from the USA shows that you are twice as likely to get food poisoning in a restaurant or fast food outlet than from snacks or meals made at home.

The Study- carried out by the Centre for Science in the Public Interest found that in food poisoning outbreaks studied approximately 16oo restaurants caused sickness to 28,000 people whereas at home 890 outbreaks led to only 13000 cases.

A leading food safety lawyer in the US said that this indicated that restaurants were not prioritising their food safety as much as the more visible aspects of the business and called for food safety breaches to be publicly recorded. This was the only way that the restaurants would take the issue seriously in her view.

Representatives from the food industry said that the study misrepresented the fact that food safety overall was improving. There is a long way to go however as each year 48 million people get sick, with 128,000 hospitalized, and 3,000 dying from foodborne diseases. 

The study also suggested that there had been a lack of focus on identifying and analysing the causes of outbreaks.

Of the 10,409 outbreaks that were reported to the CDC from 2002 to 2011, only 3,933 of those cases were defined as fully ‘solved’

In this research fresh produce  was responsible for the most outbreaks  followed closely by seafood at 15 percent and then meats, including poultry and beef.

Further details can be found of the study at:

Specialist Injury Claims Comment: 

It is likely that a study of food poisoning claims in the UK would reach a similar conclusion. Restaurants and Fast Food outlet breaches of food safety need to be publicly recorded so that standards will be raised.

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