George Osborne Withdraws Funding for Care Worker Scheme

The crisis in social care funding was made even worse when George Osborne announced last week that a new scheme to address the acute shortage of nurses in care comes was to be discontinued.

The scheme was meant to provide training of a new form of care practitioner to ensure that the standards of care in Nursing and Care Homes would be improved and the chronic shortage of care home workers would be eased.

The care practitioner scheme was meant to help stop the dependency of Care Homes on Agency Nurses who are expensive and do not offer continuity of care.

Those in the Social Care Sector who were depending on this scheme to help solve the problem are bitterly disappointed- accusing Osborne of dooming many vulnerable elderly in nursing and care homes to possible neglect

The cutback is particularly disappointing because estimates suggest that care home providers will need to recruit up to a million more workers to cope with increasing demand in the next 10 years.

A full report on the issue can be found at this link: